Cognition Chronicles: The Redstone Legacy

Can a soul be duplicated? Can one man’s madness save civilization? Can an artificial intelligence have a heart? These are not the questions one usually asks, but the answers may determine the final outcome for the human race.

It all begins with a little girl and her imaginary friend, whose persistence defies reason. Meanwhile, a scientist wrestles with alien voices in his head, which test both his intellect and sanity. And a powerful industrialist is offered a form of immortality, but it’s not what he expects. Finally, it is graduation day for an ordinary college student, as her world changes beyond her wildest imagination.

How will each will affect the ultimate destiny of humanity?

Available in paperback and ebook.


“It is a thought-provoking tale that I found to be totally mesmerizing. Bale demonstrates the possibility that the human mind–not space–is mankind’s final frontier. I picked up this book because the author wrote one of the best books I have ever read, the political thriller, Phoenix in the Middle of the Road, and I was curious to see if he could accomplish such a bold genre leap. He does this remarkably well with an unusual structure of five interconnected stories. The characters male and female, young and old are strong and the explanation of technology is convincingly believable. If you liked the old Twilight Zone TV programs you will relish this work. I’m looking forward to reading more from him and I have a suspicion the story is not over.”

— Robert Mayers

A tour de force in imagination, this book helps the reader expand one’s thinking about the world around us and the many mysteries beyond our initial observations. Plenty of good storytelling, too, with interesting characters and unexpected developments. Best to read with a cup of hot cocoa at your side!

— Dawn Schieffer

This was a really exciting page turner. For futurists and sci fi buffs, this is a must read.

— Philip Lear

Discussion Questions for Book Clubs

SPOILER ALERT: These discussion questions might serve as spoilers for the book.

  • Of the five stories in the book, which is your favorite and why?
  • Using the book as a reference, what is a soul?
  • Where were Arthur Kendall’s voices really coming from?
  • Was A.I. Granger evil? Or merely ambitious?
  • Should A.I. Granger be held responsible for Edward Granger’s crimes?
  • What do you think will happen to Olivia next?
  • Who was your favorite character? Why?