J.R. Bale to Appear at Norwood Book Festival

Norwood-LogoOn May 14, 2016, J.R. Bale will be a panelist at the Norwood Book Festival at the Norwood Library and grounds in Norwood, NJ. The topic for J.R. and his fellow panelist will be “Getting Down to Business: the Publishing Industry.”  His fellow panelist include L.G. O’Connor, Nancy Viau and Andy Rose.

J.R. will also do a signing for his novel, Phoenix in the Middle of the Road.

Click here for more information about the Norwood Book Festival, including other panels and readings. The festival has been organized by Dylann Rhea.

“Phoenix” is Now an Amazon Bestseller

As of March 17, 2016, Phoenix in the Middle of the Road is an Amazon Bestseller, rating as the Number 2 most downloaded book in the political fiction and political thriller categories. The novel follows congressional candidate David Grant into the jungle of Washington corruption and manipulation, ultimately leading to  a showdown that will change Grant’s life and the country forever. This novel is available in both Kindle and paperback.

Phoenix in the Middle of the Road is on Amazon!

PhoenixCoverConcept1-500x753Phoenix in the Middle of the Road, the new political epic by J.R. Bale, is now onsale on Amazon, in both paperback and downloadable Kindle format.

David Grant, former businessman and current academic, is coaxed into running for Congress as an Independent. In doing so, he enters the bizarre world of national politics, testing his abilities and straining his moral compass.

Meanwhile, a series of intensely partisan agendas unfold, causing a series of dominoes to fall, ultimately bringing the country to its knees in a constitutional crisis. Grant finds himself in a unique position to save the country, yet it might also destroy what he values most: his family and his integrity.

This gripping epic captures the passion, nuance and complexity of American politics, yet never forgets the humanity of its participants.